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Coming of the Storm by Aurora Lynn Skye

About The Book

Coming of the Storm

This story is a vampire story with an LGBTQ twist. It describes the trials and tribulations of the two most eligible bachelorettes in Shadow County, and how their lives change dramatically with the return of Joanna Lathom’s favorite ‘Uncle’, King Vladimir di Dracoriescue.

Along the way, there is drama, intrigue, romance and action; something for everyone. Especially when Marcus Jamison—the vampire who murdered Joanna’s Mother when Joanna was only six—returns to Shadow Valley as well, in pursuit of that which he plans to make his own—Joanna Elizabeth Marie Fiona Lathom.

About Aurora Lynn Skye

About The Author

Aurora Lynn Skye

Growing up in a small rural community, I spent quite a bit of time imagining new worlds for myself. School opened many doors later in my life, and showed me how to use what I had been given to make those worlds reality. Because of my 1st grade teacher—who saw potential in me that I didn’t see for years to come-- I have been writing since I was a child; poetry, short stories and making up menus for imaginary restaurants, though I was almost scared to write anything longer. Coming of the Storm is my first foray into serious fiction. Through many revisions, this is the version that has finally made it into print. I hope you like it.

Reader Reviews

What People Think About The Book

What appealed to me the most [about this excerpt] is the fact that Joanna is a very complex character who is easy to relate to; she, like all of us, experiences forbidden desires. For her, in these pages, the forbidden manifests in dreams. However, another thing which this piece does quite well is foreshadow what's to come... I have a feeling that there's just as much going on in Joanna's "real world" as there are in her dreams. Other things working well: your use of poetic language, suspense, and original ideas. You tell just enough to orient the readers but to also leave them wanting more.

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I found for me it [this excerpt] flowed quite well. I wanted to know more about her dream & where it would lead her.

Betina Jackson
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[What appealed to me most about this excerpt was] the detail shown in the scene, even though it was obvious that it was a dream.

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