Today in the News

October 23rd, 2019

Dateline: 23 Octembus 2136 Shadow Valley, Shadow County, Monatya Byline: Aurora Lynne Skye Let’s see here, I suppose I should probably go back to the beginning, and say the Royal Family weathered the winter well, and all the youngest of the kids and grandkids enjoyed their first snowstorms. When spring arrived in the mountains, her… Read More

Holiday Greetings from the Royal Family

January 1st, 2019

Dateline: 29, Deccim, 2138, Shadow Valley, Monatya Press Release Well, the Advent season is in full swing in Shadow Valley still! But it has come to my attention the di Lathomier-Dracoriescue family have somehow failed to post our traditional greetings for the holiday season. No idea how it happened; this is something Aurora was supposed… Read More

Today in the News– Centennial Edition

May 8th, 2018

–Today in the News— Dateline: 30 Octembus, 2030 Byline: Marcelyn MacIlroy A Festival of the Masks Story             More than sixteen centuries ago, on the coast of Central, a ship was fighting for its life among the jagged rocks as a storm clawed at the body of the land, dragging the ship ever closer to… Read More

Today in the News

May 8th, 2018

–Excerpt of a taped interview with his Royal Vampyric Majesty, King Vladimir Nikolai di Dracoriescue— Dateline:  6 Apyralyne, 2139; Shadow Valley, Monatya   Jones: (rises and curtseys) Your Majesty, thank you for being willing to give this interview.  It is something we have hoped to have happen since the Queen’s chronicler suggested that it might… Read More

Today’s News…

April 3rd, 2018

Excerpt from an interview with Daniel Longwing, Queen Isolde’s Royal Champion Dateline: 2 Apyralyne, 2139 Jones: Well, it’s good to gt a chance to speak with you, Mr. Longwing. I’m surprised that the Queen sent you instead of Miss Skye… You look elegant this afternoon, by the way. Longwing: Thank you. It is mostly because… Read More