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April 3rd, 2018

Excerpt from an interview with Daniel Longwing, Queen Isolde’s Royal Champion

Dateline: 2 Apyralyne, 2139

Jones: Well, it’s good to gt a chance to speak with you, Mr. Longwing. I’m surprised that the Queen sent you instead of Miss Skye… You look elegant this afternoon, by the way.

Longwing: Thank you. It is mostly because of later, of course. (sets his top hat down on the sofa beside him as he takes his seat.)

Jones: The recital?

Longwing: Of course. Do you have tickets yet?

Jones: We got the ones that were sent… Thank you, by the way. I’m sure it will be a lovely performance. But I was expecting Aurora today…

Longwing: Well, it’s like this, the Queen asked me to come as a favor, because Aurora is hard at work right now, and she mentioned the appointment she usually keeps with you, and suggested that it might be interesting for me to keep it for her so that she would be there for the Queen today. I hated to disappoint her, so here I am.

Jones: (nods) And how is the Queen today? Well, I hope.

Longwing (laughing) Yes, she is fine. Tired, but she’s fine.  After all, yesterday was very busy for the entire family. And tonight promises to be as well, I’m sure.  Of course, the children are also doing well; young Prince Stephen, and his brother Prince Hayden, and their sisters, Princess Onaya, and Princess Dymira. They… let’s see, this is  Apyralyne, right? They were born in early Octembus,  so that means that they are almost eight months old now. ( looks a bit surprised at his deduction) (whispers, as though shocked) Has it really been so long? (falls silent for several seconds, appearing lost in thought)

Jones: Is everything okay?

Longwing: Hunh? Oh! The interview… sorry about that. Yeah, um, everything is okay.  Actually… let me check in with the boss for a second… (pauses, staring into space  for several seconds, then blinks) Okay. Yeah. everything is okay there. Thought for a minute that I might have missed something, but the King told me that nothing has happened that he knows of. So, where were we?

Jones: You were talking about the newest of the Royal Children.

Longwing: Oh yes. Well, like most children their age, they are crawling around, getting into everything in the nursery, and running Annette ragged, of course…(laughs) But that is about normal for kids, as I said. Well,  I know they made an appearance in town the other day, and Hayden was seen stretching his wings finally in the open air… (snickers) Annette was beside herself trying to catch up with him until he came back down… (checks his watch)

Oh… is it getting that late already? I should probably get back, after all, it is almost time for me to escort Princess Aludra to her recital at the Convention Center in Barney’s Mountain tonight.

Jones: Well, we are all eager to hear whatever she chooses to perform for us. Princess Aludra has quite the career a head of her, as does her sister, Princess Gabrielle. (Turns to the camera and says) The performance will begin at 6 pm, and I think tickets are still available…? (Glances at Mr. Longwing questioningly)

Longwing (nods): Yes, there should still be a few available. but they are selling out fast. Maybe I’ll get to see you there. Oh yeah, Miss Jones, Aurora told me to tell you that she is sorry she had to miss this meeting, but she should be back next week, and she hopes you and your viewers liked the preview.

Jones: I know that I certainly did Mr. Longwing. And we have had tons of responses to the small sample she gave us, suggesting that when she is finally able to get the story to the publishers, the bookstores won’t be able to keep it in stock!

And just between you, me, and the fencepost, so to speak, I hope that it is much sooner than the year that Aurora said it would possibly be. (Looks at Mr Longwing pleadingly) Isn’t there some way you could convince her to release it sooner? Please?? I know I am not alone in asking, because I want to know what happens next between Lady Fiona and Lord Corey, and so do more than 95% of those who responded!

Longwing: (grins wickedly) What about the other 5%?

Jones: (Laughs) They wanted to know what happened next between Lady Fiona and Sir Vlad, of course! But I’m keeping you from your duties…(murmured as he rises)  Please, allow me to walk you out.

(he bows as she curtsied, then they walk offstage together.)

–Tape ends–

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