Holiday Greetings from the Royal Family

January 1st, 2019

Dateline: 29, Deccim, 2138, Shadow Valley, Monatya

Press Release

Well, the Advent season is in full swing in Shadow Valley still! But it has come to my attention the di Lathomier-Dracoriescue family have somehow failed to post our traditional greetings for the holiday season. No idea how it happened; this is something Aurora was supposed to handle, but perhaps she has been too busy with what she has been working on to get ready to publish the next in the series of stories in time for the end of the holiday season with Hearts and Flowers day in Teborarius.

But it doesn’t mean I can’t send out our greetings to finish the year. The King and I have been busy with our newest children; Hayden and his siblings are growing quickly, though he has been learning more about how his wings work faster than how his legs work, I must say, while his sisters are farther along in their ability to walk. Though they have been talking for almost a year now, and this is their second Advent season.

However, that didn’t interfere with his enjoyment of the many gifts he and his siblings had been given this year from the many members of our family and the many guests who are currently visiting at di Lathomier Manor for the holiday season this year. Most of his oldest siblings were home this year, for the first time since Mason went to college, so the house was fuller than it has been in years past. Vlad and I have been glad to play host to all the far flung members of our extended family for a holiday get together, which is scheduled to run through Ball Drop.

It is our hope that the entire Advent Season brings you as much joy as it has for our family, and our hearts are with those who are suffering this season; the alone, and the homeless, as much as those who are alone by choice. Shelters only do so much good… love is more, much more the pressing need at this time of the year.

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