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December 5th, 2017

Excerpt from a brief interview with acclaimed local authoress; Aurora Lynne Skye:

Dateline 11 Deccim, 2138

Jones: So, is there anything new going on that you can tell your readers about?

Skye: Well… there have been a few changes since we last spoke, Selby…. For example, the page count has gone from 900 or so to 1164. But there has also been at least a week since we spoke, so it’s kind of hard to know where to start. (Looks thoughtful) Well, let’s see… Nano is over for the year again, and I didn’t clear more than 35K on my word count this time because I was so busy with scrambling to finish Winter Coronation, and her Ladyship is only a little irritated with me for that, though she has commended my work ethic for sticking to one story all this time.

Jones: Well, that’s good, isn’t it?

Skye: Yeah, it’s good. But she was hoping that I would be able to get further on the cookbook this time, I’m sure. She even handed me a whole pile of new recipe suggestions for me to incorporate into it, but I don’t think she quite realizes that there are already over 600 pages to this thing, and anything more being added to it will only make more work for me. (Shakes head) I shouldn’t really complain, I guess. After all, it will only mean that there will have to be a sequel to the cook book too, I suppose.

Jones: So, what sorts of recipes are in it? And maybe more important, how many of the recipes are from ingredients that are only available in Shadow Valley? After all, our readers on Earth will likely want to be able to convert some of the recipes for the ingredients that they have available. Come to that, will that change the flavors too much?

Skye: I know that there are a few that involve fresh curlcrawlers– shrimp to your readers on Earth– and greenfruit, which would be avocados to people from Earth. Some of my favorites involve the fresh cervus– which is almost any member of the deer family for humans from Earth.  But I don’t think that would change the flavor that much. After all, the flavors are similar.

Jones: That sounds delightful… I actually like greenfruit quite a lot, but I don’t know that I would have put that and curlcrawlers together. (shakes head) Well, I’d like to see the cookbook when it is finished. But I should let you get back to work…

Skye: Yeah, I probably should… because I really do have a lot to get done on the books, including the cookbook. (stands up) We’ll have to get together again soon and finish this interview.  After all, I’m sure you have other questions that you will want to ask. Or, if you don’t have them yet, you will eventually. So, when did you (phone chirps) Hang on a second… (turns away slightly) Yes? Yeah, we’re almost done for now… what did you …oh. Oh no… Oh Gods, Boss! Yeah… yeah, I’ll be right there…! (Hangs up with a panicked look on her face) Oh gods… I think I’m gonna be sick… (sways, then crumples to the floor of the set) –THUD–

Jones: Miss Skye? Miss Skye?! Oh… Gods, I think she’s fainted… Could someone… is there a doctor in the house??

–Tape ends–

Post Script to this article: Our condolences go out to Lady Lathomier and her family on the loss of Lady Tiffany di Lathomier. There will be a memorial service held at Chapel of the Shadows on  12 Deccim. Those wishing to pay their respects are invited to join the family in saying goodbye to a well loved clan matron and motivated force for good in the Valley for the past two and a half centuries. Those wishing to contribute to the family’s final expenses are encouraged to donate to Shadow Valley Shelter for Homeless Families; Lady Tiffany’s favorite charity in the Valley.

Post Script: Miss Skye is currently under the expert care of Doctor Amelia Kirkpatrick and is projected to make a full recovery from the stress that sent her to the hospital at the end of  our last interview. All inquires for her health are being routed to Lady Lathomier, and Miss Skye’s family, and donations to help defray the cost of her treatment are being gratefully accepted by Miss Skye’s family.

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