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December 14th, 2017

Dateline 20 Deccim, 2138

Well, I have finally been allowed to go back to work, but only so long as I keep myself from stressing too much about what I am working on, and I don’t work on it for too long. But that doesn’t mean that I get to ignore my deadlines.

I still plan to get done with Winter Coronation by Lady Lathomier’s birthday, regardless of the stress levels involved  in finishing it. I only have a little over three months to get through 400 pages or so, and that should be easy enough for me to manage. Especially when you consider how many pages I covered during the time from the 20th of Agystian to the 20th of Deccim; from 585 to 1207, so far.  That would be… um, lets see here… August 20th to December 20th for people on the ‘Net on Earth, I think. The timescale runs so much differently here than it does for you guys that I get confused sometimes… Sorry about that.

But I probably ought to close this up now, so that I don’t make the boss mad at me for trying to do what she considers to be too much. The problem is, she wouldn’t consider doing as much as I normally do to be doing too much if it was her doing it. And then she would get Doctor K or the Doc’s Mom mad at her too. So, being as it would cause a shit storm of monumental proportions for me to continue, I will take the better part of valor and close this now, before I get into more trouble with them than I can handle right now.

However, you can bet that I will be back to full steam soon.

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