Unusual find at the ASPP in the Valley…

February 1st, 2018

Recently, one of the local animal shelters–the branch of the Agorican Society for the Protection of Pets on Bradshaw Avenue in eastern Shadow Valley, to be exact– discovered a litter of young Rocrafet kits on their front door step, and since the shelter wasn’t set up to handle wild foundlings, they were routed to the caring souls at the wild animal park in Barney’s Mountain.

All six of the kits were found to be in good health, if a bit underfed, and they have weathered the move down the mountain well. They will be available for viewing within the next couple weeks, after a brief period of adjustment to the change in altitude between here and there. A contest will be held to come up with names for the six new arrivals.

For our readers on Earth, a Rocrafet resembles a winged wolf, with two unicorn like horns on its forehead, and large scaled patches that resemble Maori tribal style tattoos, as well as large flame-like patches of fur in a contrasting color to the rest of their fur on the underside of their four paws, and two bushy tails.

Further details will be posted as they become available…

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